Situated at Momentum manufacture base, process engineering center provides strict and efficient quality guidance in the manufacture of all products. The GMP management systems have infiltrated in every links in the production chain to make sure the safety from manufacture to distribution.Known as leading products in the field of gynecology, Qixuehe Capsule is in great demand in consecutive year in domestic market, and wins widely praise among millions of patients. Belongs to Three Types of National New Medicines and possessed twenty years of national patent protection, Compound Furong Paoteng Suppository is the only effervescent suppository in domestic gynecological medicine market.
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Shushenling Jiaonang
Formula for Menopausal Women
Naosaitong Wan
Formula for Stroke
Fufang Yangjiao Pian
Formula for Headache
Guzhining Chaji
Liniment for Swelling
Kanggu Zengsheng Pian
Formula for Hyperosteogeny
Miaoji Wan
Bones-Strengthening Honeyed B
Fuyang Keli
Formula for Pruritus
Zhixue Quyu Mingmu Pian
Fundus Hemorrhage-Stopping Tab
Chuyi Mingmu Pian
Cornea Nebula-Removing Tablet
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Shuangshi Tonglin Jiaonang(SST) herbal capsules
Instructions of Xinsuning Jiaonang
Eight foods for women in menstruation
What is Chinese Medicine?
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